Reinvent Your Space With Hooks and Mounts

If you’ve lived in the same apartment or house for a while, you may feel that it needs some sprucing up. Even if you loved your home when you first moved in, styles change and you may find that your space needs a revamp. Luckily, Magic Mounts has a wide variety of products specifically designed to help with home improvement as well as beautification. However, while some might consider themselves home makeover maestros, others are just starting out. That’s why Magic Mounts has created a helpful guide full of home improvement ideas (and the hooks and mounts and adhesive products that will help get you there), catered to your ability level. Pick some ideas from the expert section, some from the intermediate, and maybe some from beginner’s- just make sure you pick Magic Mounts!


For Home Improvement Experts:

If you have had a home for a while and feel pretty well-versed in different ways to modify and improve it, this section’s for you. One idea for more experienced renovators is to use braided wire to hang little lights, flowers or other accessories. This will give whatever room a bohemian, laid-back, albeit magical vibe. You can find braided wire on Magic Mounts’ website- the sturdiness of our braided wire lets you really go wild in choosing what accessories to implement with it. Another suggestion for those who know their way around a Lowe’s is to create canvases or designs to hang in a group on your wall. Perhaps the group of canvases represents different colors- or they all contain different designs. Geometrical shapes and patterns are particularly in right now. To hang these larger items, you’re gonna need one heavy duty hook. Especially apt are Magic Mounts’ sawtooth hangers- the sawtooth design allows them to carry more weight, making them perfect for your canvases or other heavy pictures.

Check out Magic Mounts' newest blog post on how you can reinvent your home or apartment using our helpful hooks and mounts. For Intermediate Renovators:

Say you know some about home improvement (yes, watching HGTV counts as studying), but aren’t quite sure how to implement the trends you read and hear about. Well, this section is perfect for you! One idea for intermediate decorators is to buy some pre-made canvases or pieces of art. Often you can find these cheap at craft stores or an online wholesale. Once you have selected the canvas or artwork that you love, and you have decided where to put it, all you need are some of Magic Mounts’ picture hangers, craft mounts, or art stackers. Depending on the project, the craft mounts, art stackers or picture hangers offered at Magic Mounts can really be of great benefit to you and your home renovation dreams. Our picture hooks and craft mounts will perfectly mount your canvas or picture on the wall, leaving your guests totally impressed! Furthermore, the safety and durability of our art stackers, mounts and hangers will make sure your canvas stays put- exactly where you mounted it.

For Novices:

Perhaps this is your first home or apartment. Don’t despair! There are a lot of cool home improvement ideas that anyone can implement to make their house or apartment more beautiful and sleek. One idea is to use Magic Mounts’ Picture n Place Pads- these pads let you literally just stick your favorite pictures in and mount. You don’t have to even worry about hooks, hangers, or stick n loops! Simply place your desired pictures into the pad and place on the wall! Similarly helpful is Magic Mounts’ Picture Hanging Kit Assortment. This Picture Hanging Kit Assortment allows you to have all the materials you need to hang any picture or canvas. Conveniently, you won’t have to wade through all the options of mounts, hooks, and hangers- as you get a variety of helpful instruments in the Picture Hanging Kit Assortment.

Clearly, Magic Mounts has a lot to offer for a variety of DIYers and home renovators. Whether you are a novice or an expert, Magic Mounts has a hook, hanger, or adhesive option for you. Let Magic Mounts’ products totally revitalize your space this summer.

Become a Canvas Master with Magic Mounts

Become a Canvas Master with Magic Mounts

One of the easiest ways to create home decor when you’re ballin’ on a budget is to create canvases yourself. Here are a few ideas for stand-out canvases, inspired by Magic Mounts products.


To  achieve this classic, preppy look on your canvas, you only need a few supplies: a canvas, acrylic paint in the color of your choosing, a small bristle brush, painter’s tape and a chevron stencil (which you can find for free online). First, using a tack, apply the chevron stencil to the canvas. Then, cover the stencil (but make sure to retain its proportions) with painter’s tape. Once the tape is on, paint the canvas with the paint you chose. The nice thing about the painter’s tape is that you don’t have to be precise; in other words, you can’t mess up! After the paint is to your liking, remove the painter’s tape. The chevron pattern should be complete! Once it is dry and ready to hang, secure it on your wall with one of Magic Mount’s wall hangers.

Pinwheel Design

For a more funky, modern-art feel, try this easy pinwheel design for your canvas. All you need for this project is the canvas, a pencil, painter’s tape and acrylic paint. Draw a point (with the pencil) in the center of your canvas. Apply the painter’s tape to create triangles on the canvas, making sure that they culminate where you have drawn the center point of you canvas. Then, simply paint each triangle a different color and once dry, peel off the painter’s tape. The result should be a peppy pinwheel, with the color scheme you selected. Once you’re all done, hang or secure your masterpiece with one of Magic Mounts’ picture or cloth hangers.

Collage on a Canvas

This project is so great because it really gives you free reign to create an aesthetic that is pleasing to you. It’s also really cheap and easy. All you need is a canvas, paint, mod podge and collage materials (this could be anything: magazines, old books, newspapers, or pom poms and buttons if you want more texture). Simply paint the canvas in the color you want the background to be, then while it’s still wet (for better adherence) apply the collage materials however you see fit. For trickier materials, such as the pom poms or buttons, use some of Magic Mounts’ tape to help them stick to the canvas. To secure the materials, cover them with a layer of mod podge and voila, you have an expressive, creative piece of artwork to decorate your home with!

Toilet Paper Creation

This interesting canvas idea utilizes something you already have in your house: the cardboard from toilet paper (or paper towel) rolls. First, measure one and a half inch marks and cut them into little strips. Once they’re all cut out, glue their joints together. The best way to do this is with a hot glue gun. Once you have created four oval-shapes from the rolls, construct flowers using four of the ovals. Secure them at the center of the flower with more of the hot glue. After the shape is complete, paint your flowers (the easiest way to get all the nooks and crannies is with spray paint). Hot glue your painted flowers onto your canvas (which you can decide to paint or not, depending on how you want it to look against the flowers) and admire your innovative, sleek handiwork! Prop the canvas somewhere, or if you want it on a wall, use some of Magic Mounts’ wall mounts to secure it.

Make Your Dorm Room Move-In Ready with Magic Mounts

Make Your Dorm Room Move-In Ready with Magic Mounts


With school season right around the corner, thousands of rising college freshmen are trying to figure out how to prep for the coolest dorm room ever. Follow these cheap and easy tips for having a room your entire hall will be jealous of.


Line Your Shelves with Magic Mounts’ Decorating Tape

The furniture your dorm room comes with is lackluster, to say the least. An easy way to spice it up is with Magic Mounts’ decorating tape. Line your shelves with this fun tape and come May, peel it right off! That’s right, just like painter’s tape, this tape peels off without leaving any sticky residue remaining.


Make a Canopy Over Your Bed with Self-Sticking Hooks

Transform your bedroom into something from Arabian Nights with Magic Mounts’ self-sticking hooks. Simply string a few curtains onto a sturdy rope or string and attach the string to the hooks. This way you can push open the curtains, revealing a great place to study or nap.


Create a Wall Mural with Poster Mounts

Print a mural of your choosing and hang it on your wall with Magic Mounts famous poster mounts. Whether you choose the Eiffel Tower or a band poster for your mural, the view’s sure to be more picturesque than the nearby dining hall.


Build a Headboard with Magic Mounts’ Tacks

You just need a few simple household items to create this temporary headboard. Scissors, fabric of your choosing, cardboard in the shape of the headboard you desire and tacks. Cut the fabric to cover the cardboard and secure the fabric with the tacks. Use some of Magic Mounts’ hangers to secure your new headboard over your bed.


Hang a Tapestry Made from an Old Sheet

Use acrylic paint to make a design or painting of your creation on an old bedsheet. Once dry, hang your new tapestry on the wall with a hanger, tack or hook. What a cheap and easy way to turn your room into the inside of a genie’s bottle.


Use Decorating Tape to Spice up Your Picture Collection

Create a picture display with Magic Mounts’ decorating tape. The tape has two purposes: not only can you use it to make sure the pictures adhere to the wall, but it also helps to give the pictures some flair by creating a pretty fame.


Use Magnetic Tape to Give Your Fridge an Edge

Use Magic Mounts’ magnetic tape to stick pictures, quotes or a to-do list on your refrigerator. This will help not only by adding pizzazz, but also by helping you to stay organized and on top of all the activities you’ll soon be doing. You’ll be the talk of your entire dorm building with your fun fridge.

Two pictures hanging on wall.

Top 5 Arts and Crafts picture hanging aids

Whether it is a famous portrait or a drawing by your child, you always want to present your artwork. But with varying types of frames and walls to hang them on, it can be difficult to present your work without damaging it in the process. That is why Magic Mounts would love to present some of our most powerful arts and crafts picture hanging aids. When you want to decorate your room, these hangers will surely make it more enjoyable.


Picture Hooks

These small hooks may seem like nothing. But once you put them to work, you will see that they provide immense support. They can hold 20 & 50 lb pictures. Each pack comes with 4 assorted hooks, and at only $2.99, they are practically a steal!


Wire & Screw Eyes

Okay, so the picture hooks are nice and dandy, but what about when you require a wire to hang the picture? That is where our next product comes in handy. Our wire and screw eyes pack features a 12ft/3.7 m braided wire. Along with 8 screw eyes, this wire is extremely easy to use.


Easy-Level Picture Hooks

Have you ever stuck up adhesive hangers on your wall, and later watched them slide down? Well, you can say goodbye to those products. With our Easy-Level Picture Hooks, you can hang up your artwork in confidence. They do not slip, slide, or fall in any way. They also cut out the struggle of picture hanging since they are much easier to level. This is due to their dual hooks. At only $1.99, you’ll find that they are just as easy to buy as they are to use.


Paper Craft Mounts

For paper-based arts and crafts, hanging them has become a whole lot easier. These acid-free mounts work wonderfully with foam/poster board and construction paper. If you have a presentation that needs to be hung up, then this is the device for you. They can even be cut up and stacked. This is perfect for any 3-Dimensional projects that you would like to hang.


Picture ‘N Place

Leveling is one of the toughest parts about hanging pictures and portraits. If you are really trying to avoid the process, then you might want to pay attention to this product. Our Picture ‘N Place pads allow you to keep hanging pictures in the right spot. They provide leveling ease with their picture corner fixers. The Picture ‘N Picture pads also help prevent frame scratching. Not only does it save you leveling time, but it also saves you the burden of fixing those scratches.


Although these products are great helpers, there are much more adhesives and hangers available in our product catalog. This includes packs featuring multiple kinds of items. With varying types of mounts, you can have a much easier time picture hanging. And that is just scratching the surface. Aside from the Arts and Crafts department, we also provide mounting products for automotive, hardware, office, and other environments. For more information on our products, please feel free to contact Magic Mounts today.

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