Reinvent Your Space With Hooks and Mounts

If you’ve lived in the same apartment or house for a while, you may feel that it needs some sprucing up. Even if you loved your home when you first moved in, styles change and you may find that your space needs a revamp. Luckily, Magic Mounts has a wide variety of products specifically designed to help with home improvement as well as beautification. However, while some might consider themselves home makeover maestros, others are just starting out. That’s why Magic Mounts has created a helpful guide full of home improvement ideas (and the hooks and mounts and adhesive products that will help get you there), catered to your ability level. Pick some ideas from the expert section, some from the intermediate, and maybe some from beginner’s- just make sure you pick Magic Mounts!


For Home Improvement Experts:

If you have had a home for a while and feel pretty well-versed in different ways to modify and improve it, this section’s for you. One idea for more experienced renovators is to use braided wire to hang little lights, flowers or other accessories. This will give whatever room a bohemian, laid-back, albeit magical vibe. You can find braided wire on Magic Mounts’ website- the sturdiness of our braided wire lets you really go wild in choosing what accessories to implement with it. Another suggestion for those who know their way around a Lowe’s is to create canvases or designs to hang in a group on your wall. Perhaps the group of canvases represents different colors- or they all contain different designs. Geometrical shapes and patterns are particularly in right now. To hang these larger items, you’re gonna need one heavy duty hook. Especially apt are Magic Mounts’ sawtooth hangers- the sawtooth design allows them to carry more weight, making them perfect for your canvases or other heavy pictures.

Check out Magic Mounts' newest blog post on how you can reinvent your home or apartment using our helpful hooks and mounts. For Intermediate Renovators:

Say you know some about home improvement (yes, watching HGTV counts as studying), but aren’t quite sure how to implement the trends you read and hear about. Well, this section is perfect for you! One idea for intermediate decorators is to buy some pre-made canvases or pieces of art. Often you can find these cheap at craft stores or an online wholesale. Once you have selected the canvas or artwork that you love, and you have decided where to put it, all you need are some of Magic Mounts’ picture hangers, craft mounts, or art stackers. Depending on the project, the craft mounts, art stackers or picture hangers offered at Magic Mounts can really be of great benefit to you and your home renovation dreams. Our picture hooks and craft mounts will perfectly mount your canvas or picture on the wall, leaving your guests totally impressed! Furthermore, the safety and durability of our art stackers, mounts and hangers will make sure your canvas stays put- exactly where you mounted it.

For Novices:

Perhaps this is your first home or apartment. Don’t despair! There are a lot of cool home improvement ideas that anyone can implement to make their house or apartment more beautiful and sleek. One idea is to use Magic Mounts’ Picture n Place Pads- these pads let you literally just stick your favorite pictures in and mount. You don’t have to even worry about hooks, hangers, or stick n loops! Simply place your desired pictures into the pad and place on the wall! Similarly helpful is Magic Mounts’ Picture Hanging Kit Assortment. This Picture Hanging Kit Assortment allows you to have all the materials you need to hang any picture or canvas. Conveniently, you won’t have to wade through all the options of mounts, hooks, and hangers- as you get a variety of helpful instruments in the Picture Hanging Kit Assortment.

Clearly, Magic Mounts has a lot to offer for a variety of DIYers and home renovators. Whether you are a novice or an expert, Magic Mounts has a hook, hanger, or adhesive option for you. Let Magic Mounts’ products totally revitalize your space this summer.

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