Become a Canvas Master with Magic Mounts

Become a Canvas Master with Magic Mounts

One of the easiest ways to create home decor when you’re ballin’ on a budget is to create canvases yourself. Here are a few ideas for stand-out canvases, inspired by Magic Mounts products.


To  achieve this classic, preppy look on your canvas, you only need a few supplies: a canvas, acrylic paint in the color of your choosing, a small bristle brush, painter’s tape and a chevron stencil (which you can find for free online). First, using a tack, apply the chevron stencil to the canvas. Then, cover the stencil (but make sure to retain its proportions) with painter’s tape. Once the tape is on, paint the canvas with the paint you chose. The nice thing about the painter’s tape is that you don’t have to be precise; in other words, you can’t mess up! After the paint is to your liking, remove the painter’s tape. The chevron pattern should be complete! Once it is dry and ready to hang, secure it on your wall with one of Magic Mount’s wall hangers.

Pinwheel Design

For a more funky, modern-art feel, try this easy pinwheel design for your canvas. All you need for this project is the canvas, a pencil, painter’s tape and acrylic paint. Draw a point (with the pencil) in the center of your canvas. Apply the painter’s tape to create triangles on the canvas, making sure that they culminate where you have drawn the center point of you canvas. Then, simply paint each triangle a different color and once dry, peel off the painter’s tape. The result should be a peppy pinwheel, with the color scheme you selected. Once you’re all done, hang or secure your masterpiece with one of Magic Mounts’ picture or cloth hangers.

Collage on a Canvas

This project is so great because it really gives you free reign to create an aesthetic that is pleasing to you. It’s also really cheap and easy. All you need is a canvas, paint, mod podge and collage materials (this could be anything: magazines, old books, newspapers, or pom poms and buttons if you want more texture). Simply paint the canvas in the color you want the background to be, then while it’s still wet (for better adherence) apply the collage materials however you see fit. For trickier materials, such as the pom poms or buttons, use some of Magic Mounts’ tape to help them stick to the canvas. To secure the materials, cover them with a layer of mod podge and voila, you have an expressive, creative piece of artwork to decorate your home with!

Toilet Paper Creation

This interesting canvas idea utilizes something you already have in your house: the cardboard from toilet paper (or paper towel) rolls. First, measure one and a half inch marks and cut them into little strips. Once they’re all cut out, glue their joints together. The best way to do this is with a hot glue gun. Once you have created four oval-shapes from the rolls, construct flowers using four of the ovals. Secure them at the center of the flower with more of the hot glue. After the shape is complete, paint your flowers (the easiest way to get all the nooks and crannies is with spray paint). Hot glue your painted flowers onto your canvas (which you can decide to paint or not, depending on how you want it to look against the flowers) and admire your innovative, sleek handiwork! Prop the canvas somewhere, or if you want it on a wall, use some of Magic Mounts’ wall mounts to secure it.

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