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Top 5 Arts and Crafts picture hanging aids

Whether it is a famous portrait or a drawing by your child, you always want to present your artwork. But with varying types of frames and walls to hang them on, it can be difficult to present your work without damaging it in the process. That is why Magic Mounts would love to present some of our most powerful arts and crafts picture hanging aids. When you want to decorate your room, these hangers will surely make it more enjoyable.


Picture Hooks

These small hooks may seem like nothing. But once you put them to work, you will see that they provide immense support. They can hold 20 & 50 lb pictures. Each pack comes with 4 assorted hooks, and at only $2.99, they are practically a steal!


Wire & Screw Eyes

Okay, so the picture hooks are nice and dandy, but what about when you require a wire to hang the picture? That is where our next product comes in handy. Our wire and screw eyes pack features a 12ft/3.7 m braided wire. Along with 8 screw eyes, this wire is extremely easy to use.


Easy-Level Picture Hooks

Have you ever stuck up adhesive hangers on your wall, and later watched them slide down? Well, you can say goodbye to those products. With our Easy-Level Picture Hooks, you can hang up your artwork in confidence. They do not slip, slide, or fall in any way. They also cut out the struggle of picture hanging since they are much easier to level. This is due to their dual hooks. At only $1.99, you’ll find that they are just as easy to buy as they are to use.


Paper Craft Mounts

For paper-based arts and crafts, hanging them has become a whole lot easier. These acid-free mounts work wonderfully with foam/poster board and construction paper. If you have a presentation that needs to be hung up, then this is the device for you. They can even be cut up and stacked. This is perfect for any 3-Dimensional projects that you would like to hang.


Picture ‘N Place

Leveling is one of the toughest parts about hanging pictures and portraits. If you are really trying to avoid the process, then you might want to pay attention to this product. Our Picture ‘N Place pads allow you to keep hanging pictures in the right spot. They provide leveling ease with their picture corner fixers. The Picture ‘N Picture pads also help prevent frame scratching. Not only does it save you leveling time, but it also saves you the burden of fixing those scratches.


Although these products are great helpers, there are much more adhesives and hangers available in our product catalog. This includes packs featuring multiple kinds of items. With varying types of mounts, you can have a much easier time picture hanging. And that is just scratching the surface. Aside from the Arts and Crafts department, we also provide mounting products for automotive, hardware, office, and other environments. For more information on our products, please feel free to contact Magic Mounts today.

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