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Amazing Canvas Wall Art Ideas

If you are looking for a fun and simple way to spruce up your house, your apartment, or your dorm room, you may consider canvas art. Canvas art is an easy and interactive way to create beautiful masterpieces for your own home. The nice thing about canvas art is that you can really put it in anywhere- it may look nice in your living room, your dining room, your kitchen, your bedroom, your bathroom and beyond. It all depends on the style and aesthetics behind the canvas art you choose to pursue.
Of course, canvas art can also be premade. So that is one option you may want to consider. Many arts and crafts stores, as well as homegoods stores will have beautiful canvas options that you may wish to purchase. The options of canvases are wide-reaching, you may opt for a more modern design, a portrait, renaissance fare, still life, or simple colors and patterns. It is whatever you decide, just make sure your canvas goes with the flow and vibe you are desiring for the intended room.
However, if you don’t want to spend the money associated with getting a canvas or piece of art from the store, you may wish to do it DIY style, meaning do it yourself. You can purchase a canvas at a local craft store. There you can also pick up paints, stencils, scissors, paper, glitter, ribbon, glue and more. There will be many styles of printed paper and patterns. If you are looking for an easier design, try something a little more store made, meaning pick up the patterns or pictures you want to paste on your canvas instead of trying to freehand something. Stencils are also a great choice if you don’t trust your ability to paint. No worries- canvas painting is for all, and even if you are worried about your painting capabilities, if you follow directions, you will create something you love!
If you do decide to test out your painting and otherwise artistic abilities, you may decide to pursue painting your own pattern or design on the canvas you bought at the craft store. To do this, simply gather your materials such as paint brush, easel, sponges, paints, and anything else you think you’d like to add to the canvas, such as glitter. There are a variety of patterns you can choose to create on your canvas. Many of these you can find on the internet, specifically via the website Pinterest. Many popular options include geometric patterns, floral scenes, sunsets or skylines, and favorite quotes. It is your room and your abode, so you get to decide exactly what you want when you create your own canvas.
The process is not yet over when you create your canvas. Then, you have to decide how you will hang your unique canvas. A great option is Magic Mounts’ Hook n Loops, Removable Tape, Permanent Tape and Message Board Strips. Magic Mounts products ensure that your canvas, or whatever else you’re trying to secure, stays put for years to come. Magic Mounts products are truly the industry standard in tape, mounts and other security products.

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Central Principles of Interior Design

When it comes to design, there are some central principles that will help you refine your taste and have an easier time with the process of interior design and decoration.

One of the key principles behind interior design is function. Obviously, practicality plays a big part in how much you will enjoy your room or home in general. If something is able to improve your quality of life, that is perhaps more important (or of equal importance) to aesthetic appeal.

So how do you make a room extra functional? Well, one way is by adding a focal point. There are some rooms that have focal elements that are natural, but if the room doesn’t, you may want to add one. You could do this via a piece of artwork or a great, statement piece of furniture. The lighting could also help to create a focal point. Lighting is inherently functional, and can add to activities such as conversing with friends, eating food or reading. You want most rooms to have a good amount of natural light. Accent lighting can also help to add texture and color to your room, so you may want to consider that.

Of course, furniture is a big part of functionality as well. You will want to get furniture that is able to satisfy the needs of the rooms. You may consider trading around pieces of furniture within your own home. Furniture arrangement is also very important. You may want to sketch an outline of your room on paper so as to plan and appropriately lay out furniture.

Mood is another major principle behind design. Mood is largely influenced by color, style, texture, pattern and more. Simply put, there are a lot of ways to create and shape the mood of your room.

A focal point can also help to create mood. One inspiration piece- like a photo, pillow or some other decoration you love can help to set the vibe and tone of the room. Choose your piece wisely, as it will help determine how you, and your guests feel, when they are in the room. The theme of the room is also closely related to mood. Themes can come in many forms, including: botanical garden, nautical, country, chic, modern or more. The theme will largely decide the mood of the area.

Personality is also a central principle in terms of interior decorating. So how do you create personality in a room? Well, accessories are one good way. Pillows, photos, flowers, trinkets, blankets and more can add to the personality you create for your room. Of course, certain rooms are more likely to have certain accessories than others- so accessorizing is also a good way to add functionality to your room.

If you are interested in interior decorating, you will need the right tools. Magic Mounts can help you add flair and functionality to your home with mounting hooks, adhesive strips, tape and more.

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Clever Ways To Spruce Up Your Home in 2018

A lot of people take a look at their houses at the beginning of the year and find a lot wrong with them. Perhaps your house is dirtier than you’d like. Perhaps you’d like a new look, but can’t afford new furniture and other home decor. Perhaps you worry that it looks too old and you want to update appliances, fixtures and other aesthetic musts. Sometimes it seems like to make any change to your house at all, you will have to pay a lot of money. However, this is not the case. There are a lot of smaller tweaks and updates you can make to your house that will not hurt your pocket at all but will make a mountain of difference. There are ways to refresh your style that are neither complicated nor expensive.

One thing you want to think about before you begin refreshing your style is that first impressions are everything. Therefore, you want to fix up or spruce up a lot of areas near the front door. You may add a coat of paint to the door, a new knocker or a new doorknob. People want to have a pleasant experience, especially at first, as it will influence their consideration of your entire house.

Another good idea in terms of spring cleaning and refreshing of style is to paint your walls with loud, exciting colors that will make your home feel summery and warm. Yellows, blues and greens are great choices. Make yourself feel as comfortable as you can in this room- it’s like a cheap vacation! Another idea you may want to consider for your home is to recycle textiles and fabrics you have used before. Trade out old drapes and replace them with organza or chiffon- this will lighten up the room and also give it a modern spin. The influence of new textures and patterns will really give the room a bright new look- even if you just change a few elements.

Beachiness is also a big theme in modern homes right now. You may consider adding elements like fish, coral or beach colors and references to give your home an easy, breezy feeling that brings you and your family right to your favorite beach. You can use seashells, pictures, whatever you want (it does not have to be expensive at all) to give the beach vibe and add a lot of fun and refreshment to your household.

Cluttering is unfortunately also a big part of this process. It’s not super fun, but picking up the mess and putting things away definitely does make your home seem a lot cleaner and essentially, homier. You will breathe much easier knowing that everything is in its home and has a place. Your entire home will simply feel much more stress free and relaxed. Once you have done all this cluttering, you can let the sun stream in and it will give a whole new vibe to your place. Of course, another good idea is to hang up wall hangings or other decor. Of course, if you do this, you don’t want to scuff up the existing wall, so make sure you check out Magic Mounts’ abundance of hanging/sticking products.

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Ways to Make Your Bedroom Your Own

The bedroom is the soul of the house. It’s where you sleep and where you can be totally yourself. Depending on the kind of person you are, it could very well be the spot you spend the most of your time at. The bedroom is emotive, expressive, it speaks of you. Even celebrities have a lot to say about their bedroom. Andy Warhol famously said, “I’m the type who’d be happy not going anywhere as long as I was sure I knew exactly what was happening at the places I wasn’t going to. I’m the type who’d like to sit home and watch every party that I’m invited to on a monitor in my bedroom.”

Another celeb longing for their bedroom, Jack Antonoff said, “When you go all over the world for work, your dream vacation is your bedroom.” But perhaps Muse summed up our feelings about the boudoir most effectively in his book Enigmatic Evolution: Prose of Heart and Soul, when he wrote, “Ode to the Chamber…linger here amidst the chamber, in which we embrace our love, talk to me of sonnets, and call me turtledove…”

Maybe you don’t have anything that prolific to say about the bedroom, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to love your space and be able to spice it up with your own decorations, sheets and bedspread, paint, wall hangings and much, much more.

To decorate and make your bedroom your own, start with the bed. The bed is like the heart of the bedroom, the soul. You can put a lot of elements on your bed that can become the feature of the room. Pile on the pillows, the funky sheets, a warm comforter or duvet. Don’t shy away from using more than one pattern or color, your bed should represent you, all the intricacies and different colors inside your soul can be reflected on the bed you lay on each night. Particularly popular right now for bed patterns and colors are large prints, geometric patterns, floral vibes and more.

Another great way to make your bedroom your own is to create do it yourself (DIY) artwork. You can create murals or other kinds of wall hangings, even paint something on a canvas if you are talented/create things you enjoy. You can also create a graphic quilt or your own tapestry, so the blank walls you have in your bedroom that you want to cover will be covered. You can pair this with bed linens you buy or even ones you dye yourself. You can also create little knick-knacks and general decor that represents your aesthetic style by going to your nearest craft store and picking out stuff to make a decoration. You can use flowers, stickers, mugs, glassware, canvas, whatever you want. If you can imagine it, you can create it to decorate your room to give it that sense of uniqueness you so desperately want.

The next great way to spice up your bedroom and make it more your own is to have wall hangings, specifically lighting. You can mount a light source to make something that is beautiful as well as gives off necessary light. Just remember that when you mount something, you will want to use Magic Mounts’ products to make sure it is hanging securely. Let Magic Mounts help you have the best bedroom ever!

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New Product Spotlight May, 2017

Mounting pictures and frames can be a tricky ordeal. You want to make sure you can display the artwork or decorations of your choosing without doing any sort of permanent damage to the interior of your home or business. It’s also important to know any shelving or fixtures you put in place will be sturdy and reliable. That why we offer a wide selection of special tape, hooks, metal wire, hangers, and other odds and ends to suit your mounting needs. Since our modest beginnings in 1964, Magic Mounts have offered safe, effective alternatives to tacks, nails, tape, and other standard means of mounting items. We’ve rolled out a few new products recently that are sure to be useful around the home or the office.


Residence Hall Poster Mounts 1”x 1” 16ct.

These 1-inch by 1-inch hall poster mounts are strong, secure, and easily removable to prevent any possible damage to the paint or wallpaper in your home or place of business. Teacher tested and approved, these wall mounts will make hanging posters a cinch. Perfect for the classroom, you can purchase a 16 count pack for only $2.00!


Picture Hanging Kit Assortment

Ideal for displaying framed pictures, mirrors, and wall décor, these kits provide you everything you need to hang heavier objects in your home or business. A nice 45 count value size, Picture Hanging Kit Assortments come with hangers, nails, sawtooths, eyelets, and wires. Available for the low price of $2.50.


Removable Mounting Tape 1”x 48”

Required to be cut to size for larger applications, this removable mounting tape holds tightly, yet removes easily and cleanly. Teacher tested and approved, this mounting tape easily replaces tacks, tape, magnets, staples, and putty. Remountable and reusable, you can purchase one roll for $4.50.


Small Mirror Holders / Screws

Perfect for hanging small mirrors, these kits come with 4 see-through mirror holders and screws. You can easily mount a small mirror in any room of the house! Easy to install, these small kits are available for $2.00.


Swivel Loop Mirror Holders / Screws

These utility swivel loops are perfect for handling framed pictures and mirrors and make a wonderful alternative to normal plastic mirror holders. Easy to install, you can purchase a 4 pack of hangers and screws for $1.50.


These new products offer some diversity to our ever-expanding catalog. Whether you’re mounting in the home, school, or office or need to make some minor cosmetic repairs to your automobile, Magic Mounts has the right tools for you. Visit our store to purchase these or any of our other helpful products available. We offer free shipping on orders over $30. Contact us via email at or 330-339-1100.

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Top 5 Arts and Crafts picture hanging aids

Whether it is a famous portrait or a drawing by your child, you always want to present your artwork. But with varying types of frames and walls to hang them on, it can be difficult to present your work without damaging it in the process. That is why Magic Mounts would love to present some of our most powerful arts and crafts picture hanging aids. When you want to decorate your room, these hangers will surely make it more enjoyable.


Picture Hooks

These small hooks may seem like nothing. But once you put them to work, you will see that they provide immense support. They can hold 20 & 50 lb pictures. Each pack comes with 4 assorted hooks, and at only $2.99, they are practically a steal!


Wire & Screw Eyes

Okay, so the picture hooks are nice and dandy, but what about when you require a wire to hang the picture? That is where our next product comes in handy. Our wire and screw eyes pack features a 12ft/3.7 m braided wire. Along with 8 screw eyes, this wire is extremely easy to use.


Easy-Level Picture Hooks

Have you ever stuck up adhesive hangers on your wall, and later watched them slide down? Well, you can say goodbye to those products. With our Easy-Level Picture Hooks, you can hang up your artwork in confidence. They do not slip, slide, or fall in any way. They also cut out the struggle of picture hanging since they are much easier to level. This is due to their dual hooks. At only $1.99, you’ll find that they are just as easy to buy as they are to use.


Paper Craft Mounts

For paper-based arts and crafts, hanging them has become a whole lot easier. These acid-free mounts work wonderfully with foam/poster board and construction paper. If you have a presentation that needs to be hung up, then this is the device for you. They can even be cut up and stacked. This is perfect for any 3-Dimensional projects that you would like to hang.


Picture ‘N Place

Leveling is one of the toughest parts about hanging pictures and portraits. If you are really trying to avoid the process, then you might want to pay attention to this product. Our Picture ‘N Place pads allow you to keep hanging pictures in the right spot. They provide leveling ease with their picture corner fixers. The Picture ‘N Picture pads also help prevent frame scratching. Not only does it save you leveling time, but it also saves you the burden of fixing those scratches.


Although these products are great helpers, there are much more adhesives and hangers available in our product catalog. This includes packs featuring multiple kinds of items. With varying types of mounts, you can have a much easier time picture hanging. And that is just scratching the surface. Aside from the Arts and Crafts department, we also provide mounting products for automotive, hardware, office, and other environments. For more information on our products, please feel free to contact Magic Mounts today.

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