Frequently Asked Questions

Magic Mounts:  Need vs. Issue vs. Solution

Magic Mounts Products were designed to help the consumer hang items on walls of homes, offices, businesses & schools. When a consumer has the need to hang a product on their wall, they either need a temporary or permanent solution. Whether it is a heavier object or light weight, Magic Mounts products can fulfill these needs with our tapes, hooks(handling up to 5lbs) & metalware products (handling up to 100lbs).

The biggest problem a lot of our consumers face is hanging an item on a wall & not wanting to do any damage to the wall, that’s where our removable tapes & hooks come in handy as they do not harm most surfaces if properly applied. Our Magic Mounts products are also very reasonably priced to help our Dealers & consumers fulfill their needs without breaking the bank.

Instructions for using MAGIC MOUNTS TAPE

Tape is designed for hanging lightweight objects – add more tape as weight increases Remove pad from back-up liner paper – press firmly onto object to be hung Remove protective liner being careful not to touch the surface to avoid adhesive contamination

To remove MAGIC MOUNTS TAPE begin at one corner and peel slowly at a sharp angle – if adhesive remains, rub or roll off.


Use Magic Mounts Tape ROLL to hang large objects such as banners

Apply Magic Mounts Tape under objects that you want to stay intact and not move

Use Magic Mounts Hook N Loop for applications on felt board surfaces like calendars and alphabet charts

Stack Magic Mounts Tape for a 3-D effect

Hang important safety, exit and informational signs with Magic Mounts Tape and be confident it will stay put all year

Use Cling Thing Message Boards and Display Strips in the classroom as mobile message centers.

Magic Mounts Tape is “Teacher Tested and Approved”. It is also “Acid-Free” and proudly “Manufactured In The USA”.

As long as tape is not contaminated, Magic Mounts Tape can be repositioned

Frequently Asked Questions

Magic Mounts Tape is designed for lightweight applications such as posters, decorations, and artwork . Applying one piece of tape in the top corners of an 8 ½” x 11” sheet easily supports it. For larger or heavier items, apply additional pieces to the top and sides or cut longer pieces of Magic Mounts Tape ROLL and apply as needed

Magic Mounts Tape work best on smooth, hard, non porous surfaces like painted concrete, plasterboard, metal, plastic, wood, white boards and others

  • Cold, oily, dusty and dirty surfaces will prevent Magic Mounts from bonding strongly
  • Glass windows exposed to direct sunlight tend to break down the adhesive over time. Applying items for only a few weeks should be possible
  • Many wall papers can split when an adhesive is applied. Some washable and laminated wall papers may be safe for Magic Mounts Tape. Test in a small area first
  • Some painted walls, especially those with flat paint, can affect the holding power . Test in a small area first

While the tape is not meant to be used more than once, if the artwork is removed and the Magic Mounts Tape is not disturbed and still on the wall surface, another project can be adhered to it.

Magic Mounts Tape has been used safely in the educational market for over 10 years. Teacher tested and approved. Magic Mounts Tape is acid-free

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