Make Your Dorm Room Move-In Ready with Magic Mounts

Make Your Dorm Room Move-In Ready with Magic Mounts


With school season right around the corner, thousands of rising college freshmen are trying to figure out how to prep for the coolest dorm room ever. Follow these cheap and easy tips for having a room your entire hall will be jealous of.


Line Your Shelves with Magic Mounts’ Decorating Tape

The furniture your dorm room comes with is lackluster, to say the least. An easy way to spice it up is with Magic Mounts’ decorating tape. Line your shelves with this fun tape and come May, peel it right off! That’s right, just like painter’s tape, this tape peels off without leaving any sticky residue remaining.


Make a Canopy Over Your Bed with Self-Sticking Hooks

Transform your bedroom into something from Arabian Nights with Magic Mounts’ self-sticking hooks. Simply string a few curtains onto a sturdy rope or string and attach the string to the hooks. This way you can push open the curtains, revealing a great place to study or nap.


Create a Wall Mural with Poster Mounts

Print a mural of your choosing and hang it on your wall with Magic Mounts famous poster mounts. Whether you choose the Eiffel Tower or a band poster for your mural, the view’s sure to be more picturesque than the nearby dining hall.


Build a Headboard with Magic Mounts’ Tacks

You just need a few simple household items to create this temporary headboard. Scissors, fabric of your choosing, cardboard in the shape of the headboard you desire and tacks. Cut the fabric to cover the cardboard and secure the fabric with the tacks. Use some of Magic Mounts’ hangers to secure your new headboard over your bed.


Hang a Tapestry Made from an Old Sheet

Use acrylic paint to make a design or painting of your creation on an old bedsheet. Once dry, hang your new tapestry on the wall with a hanger, tack or hook. What a cheap and easy way to turn your room into the inside of a genie’s bottle.


Use Decorating Tape to Spice up Your Picture Collection

Create a picture display with Magic Mounts’ decorating tape. The tape has two purposes: not only can you use it to make sure the pictures adhere to the wall, but it also helps to give the pictures some flair by creating a pretty fame.


Use Magnetic Tape to Give Your Fridge an Edge

Use Magic Mounts’ magnetic tape to stick pictures, quotes or a to-do list on your refrigerator. This will help not only by adding pizzazz, but also by helping you to stay organized and on top of all the activities you’ll soon be doing. You’ll be the talk of your entire dorm building with your fun fridge.

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