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Central Principles of Interior Design

When it comes to design, there are some central principles that will help you refine your taste and have an easier time with the process of interior design and decoration.

One of the key principles behind interior design is function. Obviously, practicality plays a big part in how much you will enjoy your room or home in general. If something is able to improve your quality of life, that is perhaps more important (or of equal importance) to aesthetic appeal.

So how do you make a room extra functional? Well, one way is by adding a focal point. There are some rooms that have focal elements that are natural, but if the room doesn’t, you may want to add one. You could do this via a piece of artwork or a great, statement piece of furniture. The lighting could also help to create a focal point. Lighting is inherently functional, and can add to activities such as conversing with friends, eating food or reading. You want most rooms to have a good amount of natural light. Accent lighting can also help to add texture and color to your room, so you may want to consider that.

Of course, furniture is a big part of functionality as well. You will want to get furniture that is able to satisfy the needs of the rooms. You may consider trading around pieces of furniture within your own home. Furniture arrangement is also very important. You may want to sketch an outline of your room on paper so as to plan and appropriately lay out furniture.

Mood is another major principle behind design. Mood is largely influenced by color, style, texture, pattern and more. Simply put, there are a lot of ways to create and shape the mood of your room.

A focal point can also help to create mood. One inspiration piece- like a photo, pillow or some other decoration you love can help to set the vibe and tone of the room. Choose your piece wisely, as it will help determine how you, and your guests feel, when they are in the room. The theme of the room is also closely related to mood. Themes can come in many forms, including: botanical garden, nautical, country, chic, modern or more. The theme will largely decide the mood of the area.

Personality is also a central principle in terms of interior decorating. So how do you create personality in a room? Well, accessories are one good way. Pillows, photos, flowers, trinkets, blankets and more can add to the personality you create for your room. Of course, certain rooms are more likely to have certain accessories than others- so accessorizing is also a good way to add functionality to your room.

If you are interested in interior decorating, you will need the right tools. Magic Mounts can help you add flair and functionality to your home with mounting hooks, adhesive strips, tape and more.

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