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Clever Ways To Spruce Up Your Home in 2018

A lot of people take a look at their houses at the beginning of the year and find a lot wrong with them. Perhaps your house is dirtier than you’d like. Perhaps you’d like a new look, but can’t afford new furniture and other home decor. Perhaps you worry that it looks too old and you want to update appliances, fixtures and other aesthetic musts. Sometimes it seems like to make any change to your house at all, you will have to pay a lot of money. However, this is not the case. There are a lot of smaller tweaks and updates you can make to your house that will not hurt your pocket at all but will make a mountain of difference. There are ways to refresh your style that are neither complicated nor expensive.

One thing you want to think about before you begin refreshing your style is that first impressions are everything. Therefore, you want to fix up or spruce up a lot of areas near the front door. You may add a coat of paint to the door, a new knocker or a new doorknob. People want to have a pleasant experience, especially at first, as it will influence their consideration of your entire house.

Another good idea in terms of spring cleaning and refreshing of style is to paint your walls with loud, exciting colors that will make your home feel summery and warm. Yellows, blues and greens are great choices. Make yourself feel as comfortable as you can in this room- it’s like a cheap vacation! Another idea you may want to consider for your home is to recycle textiles and fabrics you have used before. Trade out old drapes and replace them with organza or chiffon- this will lighten up the room and also give it a modern spin. The influence of new textures and patterns will really give the room a bright new look- even if you just change a few elements.

Beachiness is also a big theme in modern homes right now. You may consider adding elements like fish, coral or beach colors and references to give your home an easy, breezy feeling that brings you and your family right to your favorite beach. You can use seashells, pictures, whatever you want (it does not have to be expensive at all) to give the beach vibe and add a lot of fun and refreshment to your household.

Cluttering is unfortunately also a big part of this process. It’s not super fun, but picking up the mess and putting things away definitely does make your home seem a lot cleaner and essentially, homier. You will breathe much easier knowing that everything is in its home and has a place. Your entire home will simply feel much more stress free and relaxed. Once you have done all this cluttering, you can let the sun stream in and it will give a whole new vibe to your place. Of course, another good idea is to hang up wall hangings or other decor. Of course, if you do this, you don’t want to scuff up the existing wall, so make sure you check out Magic Mounts’ abundance of hanging/sticking products.

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