Throw the Best Party Ever with Magic Mounts

Throw the Best Party Ever with Magic Mounts

Summer is a great time to have a get-together. The kids are out of school, employers tend to be more lenient with time off and it’s finally warm and sunny. However, putting on a party that will be the talk of your neighborhood is hard to pull off and sometimes you need a little help. Look no further than the Magic Mounts website for ideas and products to help you throw the coolest party you or any of your friends have ever seen. Read further to discover suggestions for hosting a great summer fiesta.


Create Unique Gift Bags with Magic Mounts’ Party Tape

Using cheap white (or the color of your choosing) gift bags, create designs to spice up the container. An easy and awesome design can be done by cutting triangles out of the tape and attaching them to a line previously drawn on the bag. This gives the illusion of a party banner, a perfect way to set the mood for a fun night!


Spice up Birthday Cake with Party Tape

After baking and icing a cake (flavor of your choosing, of course), wrap it with Magic Mounts’ party tape as a cheap and easy decoration. Called bunting, this is a great way to take your cake from blah to beautiful, making your confection the envy of your neighbors and friends.


Make Mess-Free Flower Arrangements

Use Magic Mounts’ tape to create a grid on top of a square vase (you can get them anywhere). Stick either fake or real (depending on timing and environment) flowers in-between the tape, which will secure them and keep the arrangement from toppling over and causing a party foul.


Fashion Affordable Wall Art and Hang it with Magic Mounts’ Hooks

Using a blank canvas, connect with your inner artist and create a cool graphic design with tape. Feel free to use other art supplies, such as acrylic or watercolor paint, ink pens or ribbon to give the canvas some extra pizzazz. Once the canvas is how you imagined it to be, secure it with Magic Mounts’ wall mounts or hangers. This will quickly transform your home from domestic to a party paradise.


Build (and Secure) Your Own Sign

Cut out (or buy pre-created) letters to spell a word of your choice. This could be “party,” “vibes,” “summer,” whatever you want to express to your guests! If it’s a birthday party, use it to convey how old the person is turning. Or, use a sign to write the names of two people celebrating an anniversary. Whatever you wish to say, say it with letters hung with Magic Mounts’ tape. Simply attach the letters to a garland (in order, of course!) with tape. Feel free to spice up the letters with paint, stickers or glitter!

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