Spring Cleaning and Other New Year’s Resolutions

Spring Cleaning and Other New Year’s Resolutions

One of the most exciting parts of the New Year is that everyone gets the opportunity to feel like they are starting anew. The new year brings the promise of a fresh start, and with it, a renewed resolve to do the things we “should be doing.” inevitably, this includes cleaning. No one cleans as much as they should, at least the wide majority of people don’t. However, with the new year and the renaissance of the spring, comes the chance to try again.

One way to get yourself to clean is to get some fun organizational items that will inspire the spic and span in anyone. Magic Mounts has a lot of great products that will help you want to organize your home and be able to in an easier, cost-effective, expedited manner. We have clips, hooks and tape to hang baskets or signs that will make it easier for you to remember things and put things away in the future.

But products aren’t all you’re gonna need if you want to really stick to your guns with the whole cleaning thing. Here at Magic Mounts, we have some tips and tricks that will help you with spring cleaning. One good tip for cleaning the kitchen is to move clockwise while cleaning, ending with the oven, or wherever you think is the dirtiest. You want to end with the place in the kitchen with the most dirt, as starting with the dirtiest area will lead you to spread dirty everywhere in the kitchen, which is not what you want for the place you eat. Another amazing kitchen cleaning tip is to make sure you don’t miss out on cleaning the sink. Kitchen sinks have more bacteria, on average, than toilet seats. Use antibacterial or disinfectant soap to clean it and make sure that it doesn’t have any harmful bacteria left in it. Also, if you have a stainless steel sink, you will want to clean it with an oil or a specific stainless steel cleaner, to make sure the water droplets don’t accrue and lead to mold buildup. Cleaning with oil will deter the mold. Another good idea regarding kitchen cleaning, and really cleaning in general, is to swap your paper towels for cloth, especially cloth made of microfiber. This simplifies the cleaning process and also makes it greener. All you have to do is wet a microfiber cloth and it can clean a myriad of different surfaces.

Probably the most important cleaning tip is to clean as you go. This may sound like a cliche, and it is, but for a reason. Putting your laundry away prevents clothes from piling up in your bedroom. In the kitchen, putting dishes at least in the sink in soapy water is a start to doing dishes and will keep your kitchen from becoming a disaster zone. If you feel stressed about cleaning and are looking for organizational ideas, look no further than Magic Mounts for all the organizational information and products you need.

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