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Cool Home Ideas Possible With Magic Mounts

It’s natural for homeowners to feel that their current indoor aesthetic, especially if they have lived in the same spot for a long time. But there are certainly fun, relatively easy and cost-effective ways to spice up your tired old rooms. A lot of these innovations are only possible with the help of Magic Mounts and their renowned, high-quality adhesive mounting products. Read this informative blog post to see our interpretation of some of 2017’s best trends and also frugal, realistic, yet exciting ways that you can add brevity and style to your living room, dining room, entryway, bedroom and more! Keep in mind that Magic Mounts has solutions for all areas of the house, including bathroom, bedroom, exterior of the house and more. Additionally, Magic Mounts has products that transcend household needs, entering such settings as your car, your office, your schoolroom, your parties/weddings and more.

With that said, have you been living in your home for a number of years? Are you finding yourself bored or uninspired waking up in the same place every single day? Would you like to be your home a bit more beautiful? Well, look no further than Magic Mounts. Magic Mounts is the home beautification secret that you might not have expected, but that you need. You might wonder how mounting solutions, adhesives and bonding systems will contribute to the beauty of your home; but they really do open up a new world, complete with wall hangings, picture frames, beautiful murals and more. So without further ado, here are some ideas to liven up your home in 2018.



Welcome or Other Homey Sign:

Nothing makes someone feel more welcome, than well, a welcome sign. Maybe it sounds trite, but a welcome sign is just what your house needs to feel more cozy and welcoming.








Arrangement of Mirrors or Other Wall Hangings:

Arranging a bunch of mirrors or canvases is a fun and easy way to get some trendiness in your house. Just make sure you secure them with Magic Mounts’ products.





Focal Piece of Art:

If you are more into a simplistic, minimalist vibe, buying one focal piece of art to focus guests’ attention on is ideal.








Complementary Artwork:

If you are thinking about arranging more than one piece of artwork, you will want to make sure they complement one another. The matching color scheme will really set the mood.









Creative Clutter:

If you are not a minimalist, you may think about hanging a bunch of different pieces that only somewhat go together. This will lend an aesthetic of shabby chic perfect for a funky homeowner.






Avant-Garde, Statement Pieces

If you are into chic, more avant-garde home decor, you will want a statement piece in your favorite room. Make sure this important piece is secured with Magic Mounts’ products.





Warm Aesthetics

If you are into warmer, more inviting vibes, get a painting or other wall hanging that suggests that. This will turn your home into a cozy paradise!










Fancy Framework

If you have a bunch of important memories that you want to share, or if you’re just a fan of frames, we suggest creating an arrangement of fancy frames and fun pictures.







Black and White Theme:

Again, if you are more of a minimalist, and into modern pieces, we suggest employing a black and white theme complete with artsy photographs.







Lights, Camera, Action:

A fun idea for a cool aesthetic is to employ lighting that most effectively showcases your pictures and wall hangings that you are so proud of.

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