Create Unforgettable Gifts with Magic Mounts

Create Unforgettable Gifts with Magic Mounts

With the holidays coming around, people everywhere are scrambling for new and exciting gift ideas. The scramble is especially frantic if you are trying to execute gift-giving on a budget, as most of us are. That’s where DIY crafts come in- you can create gifts for a fraction of the price that you would spend on gifts at the store. You’ll only need a few craft supplies to accomplish these awesome craft projects, most notably, you will need tape. And if there’s anything Magic Mounts knows about, its tape. Check out Magic Mounts’ list of the coolest DIY gifts you can make with tape and some ambition. These gifts are great for family members, friends, co-workers. They say you really care and are so much more meaningful than store bought presents because you made them yourself and put your devotion and thought into them. Anyways, check out some awesome options and get your creative juices flowing this holiday season.


Picture Frames Made with Tape

Picture frames are a great present because they work for almost anyone. Now, you can make them easier than ever with just a little tape and there’s no reason to buy an expensive frame at the store. If you layer colored tape on top more tape, you will good a wood paneling effect. A good rule of thumb is to stick to black tape and black and white photos for a chic aesthetic. You can either use a bunch of duct tape or put tape on a wood board (or board made of other material). You can also get picture frame cutouts to decorate with tape.

Duct Tape Purse

A duct tape purse is the ultimate tape-themed present for the women in your life. To do this, you will simply need to cover a rectangle of fabric with overlapping strips of duct tape. You will then need to trim the excess tape off the edges of the sheet. Next, fold the rectangle in half and use tape to adhere the sides to one another. You can then use some rope for the handle, but to cover the ugliness of the rope, you might want to use some more tape. Voila, you have an aesthetically pleasing, inexpensive tape bag to give to the women in your life you love the most!

Colorful Mason Jars

This is a great present for almost anyone on your list. DIY Santas will only need mason jars and colorful tape to create this craft and fun Christmas present (or a present for any other occasion). Simply attach colored or patterned tape to a mason jar. This can then serve as a cup or if you wanna get a little more craft with it, you can make a mason jar bank. Simply cut a slit into the lid of the jar to achieve this. Voila, you have a safe and awesome place to store your extra coins!

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