Magic Mounts Explores Different Types Of Tape

Magic Mounts Explores Different Types Of Tape

Adhesive tape is something that is extremely useful all the time, yet simple and affordable. You probably believe that all tapes are the same, made for the same purpose and that there are no other differences. However, due to the usability of tape in modern industry nowadays, we have plenty of different tapes which come suitable for several purposes. Here we will explain all about the tapes you may need at some point.


Cellotape is the most common type of tape and has a lot of helpful uses. In general, it is a yellow or transparent tape which is commonly used to pack presents and packages. It is also one of the types of tape that is the best-known and at the same time is the oldest of them all. These tape rolls can be found in almost every single home today.

Masking or removable tape

This type of tape is used to conceal some area, usually while the rest of an object or area is painted. It is called removable simply because it can be completely removed without any adhesive traces on the surface. This is the most complicated tape to produce actually. The adhesive mixture must be carefully taken into account in order to be easily removed but stay in place as long as needed. There are different sizes and widths of the tape in question, which allows you to mask the entire surface as easily as possible.

Duct tape

This is the strongest type of tape. It is used in all kinds of industries and its main functions include strength, plastic foil and strong adhesive. Furthermore, this type of tape is capable of sticking to any surface you have in mind. So, it is strong, durable and the adhesive will stay in place regardless of what you do. It can be used for hanging, fixing and more.

Electrical tape

This type of tape is capable of insulating electrical wires. It doesn’t conduct electricity and it usually has extremely strong adhesive.

2 sided tape

As the name suggests, this type of tape has adhesive applied on both sides. It is used to hold two objects in place as long as needed. In addition, the tape is also made to stay hidden from view, so it is slim and thin. This type may also be known as permanent tape and it has been used by homeowners for multiple purposes. It is one of the most useful types of tape.


As you can see, tape comes in different types, each one being used for different purposes. Overall, they allow you to fix something as soon as possible, without having to invest money into a new item or to enlist a professional. Tape is truly an essential addition to every home, so explore the Magic Mounts website today, for all your tape needs!

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