Let Magic Mounts Products Improve Your Bathroom

Let Magic Mounts Products Improve Your Bathroom

Lights, Camera, Action!

New lighting can give an old room a fresh look. Install new LED strips as back lighting around a mirror or inside glass cabinet doors. New pendants in front of the mirror will reflect light around the room and make the space brighter. A hanging fixture or chandelier above the tub or in the center of the room can add a spark of personality. For the LED strips especially, use some of our mounting and permanent tape to make sure they adhere properly to the surface of your choosing.


Tile Turnaround

Re-tiling a shower doesn’t have to cost a lot if you mix and match materials. You can pair more expensive smaller mosaics with less expensive 12″ x 12″ tile and the results will be stunning. If you mix tile, you only need a small amount of each, so you may be able find some bargains at closeouts, Craigslist or salvage yards. But re-tiling is not the only way to improve the tile situation in your bathroom, it’s also important to keep it clean. A big mistake homeowners often make is not sealing the grout lines after doing a tile job, or not requesting the grout be sealed after having the job done for them. It won’t take long to regret this decision when irregular color patterns start showing up in the grout. But all isn’t lost. Manufacturers have vastly improved grout cleaning products that will get the job done. However, these products are pretty noxious and you’ll need to take a lot of precautions. An alternative is a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, and there is always the option of using a steam spot cleaner. No matter what you use, you’ll need some elbow grease and heavy-duty brushes. Once you’ve cleaned the grout and allowed adequate drying time, seal the grout. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendation on any additional steps to take before applying the sealer.


Towel Off in Style

Towels can also really add some color and brevity to a bathroom, for an extremely low cost. Peruse discount sections at department stores, or better yet, thrift stores, for fun and funky towel designs. Once you’ve selected the towels of your dreams- whether they be classic or bohemian- grand or minimalist- chic or relatable- make sure you use Magic Mounts’ towel hangers. We offer towel bars, which include both mounting tape and screws and offer easy mount installation and a towel ring, which is easy to mount, includes both mounting tape and screws and comes in white and almond.


Bathroom Art

The restroom in your house may seem like an unlikely place for artwork, but hey, why not? There’s no reason not to extend the aesthetic you like so much into an area that we all spend a lot of time in. once you’ve selected the canvases or other pieces you want, make sure you hang them up with our specialized bathroom hangers, which you can buy here.

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