DIY Wedding Crafts with Magic Mounts

DIY Wedding Crafts with Magic Mounts

Whether you want to save money or include personalized touches, do-it-yourself details can make a big impact. But some projects are tougher than others, and what you thought would be a 1-2-3 could turn into an undertaking worthy of a world-class planner. Here, Magic Mounts gives you some ideas to implement fun, possible DIY creations on your big day. And let Magic Mounts help you with all the subsequent hanging needs.


Giant Decorative Star

To make this decorative star to hang at your reception, simply buy several yardsticks (you can get them at Lowe’s) and attach them in a star shape using hot glue to meld them together. Then, you can paint the star black (for aging purposes) and coat it in white outdoor paint. Lastly, cover it with some outdoor stage lights and wrap the ends in wire. Once the star is to your liking, hang it in an inside/outdoors venue with one of Magic Mounts’ Tulle & Lite Hangers.


Rope-Wrapped Vases

To make this simple and fun table decoration, you’ll need rope and a vase (and ultimately, flowers to stick in there). First, place a dollop of glue on the vase, near the bottom edge. Immediately place the end of the rope into the glue, parallel to the bottom. Be very careful! Hot glue is very hot and can cause severe burning. Hold the rope in place for a few seconds to ensure that it adheres to the glass. Then, finish wrapping the rope tightly around the vase, adding a dollop of glue every one to two turns around the glass. Lastly, cut the rope with your floral shears when the vase is completely wrapped and secure the end with one last dollop of glue. You can also replace the glue with Magic Mounts’ Wedding Decorating Tape.


Paper Lanterns Column

Paper lanterns have become a signature at modern weddings and are very easy to DIY. One of the greatest ways to showcase them is by stacking them. To achieve this, purchase a bamboo stick or dowel that’s six feet long and one inch in diameter. Drive the pole deep into the ground until it’s solidly anchored. Run a 50-bulb string of lights up one side of the pole and down the other, securing it with masking tape. Then stack the paper lanterns over the stick. If you want to simply hang the paper lanterns use Magic Mounts’ Lite Hangers.


Pom Pom Vines

This project is a simple twist on a pom pom garland by stringing them vertically with paper leaves so they become vines. You can hang them in trees or tie them to a strand across a ceiling to fill up a room.  To create the tissue paper pom poms, accordion fold seven sheets of tissue paper together with seven folds, each about one inch wide. Find the center of the stack and wrap floral wire around the center to create a divide. Fan out each side of the tissue paper and carefully pull out each layer of paper until you have a ball. To create the leaves, cut craft paper into a silhouette of a figure eight and make a fold in the center where the leaves meet. Using a craft knife or scissors make a small “x” incision into the center of the crease to create a hole to pull the twine through. Next, fold a crease through both leaves to give your shape some character. Lastly, attach the pom pom to the strand by using the extra wire from the center. Slide the twine through the center hole and tie a small knot underneath the leaves when you have it in place so that the paper won’t slide around on the strand. Hang the vines wherever you’d like, using Magic Mounts’ Wedding Decorating Hooks.

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