Spread Holiday Cheer with Magic Mounts

Spread Holiday Cheer with Magic Mounts

It may be September, but there’s no reason you can’t start thinking about your favorite time of your year and start pondering how you want to celebrate. Someone once said the best way to spread Christmas cheer is “singing loud for all to hear.” OK, it was Will Ferrell in “Elf.” And while caroling is a great way to celebrate Christmas, or any other seasonal holiday, it’s not the only way. Some of these include: watching classic Christmas movies like “Elf,” “A Christmas Story” and “White Christmas,” planning gifts for others and going shopping, making a list and checking it twice, caroling, making Christmas cookies, seeing Christmas plays, listening to Christmas music, playing in the snow, creating Christmas aromas, beginning a countdown until the big day, building gingerbread houses, inviting over family and friends and cooking for them. But here at Magic Mounts, our favorite way to celebrate is undeniably with home decorations. And with our amazing selection of holiday-related products, we make it easier for you to enjoy the holiday season as well. Explore these exciting holiday decoration ideas and let Magic Mounts help you with securing them to your walls and the rest of your home.  

Make Your Own Wreath

One of the most quintessential Christmas symbols (besides the tree, of course) is a wreath. You can buy them at a variety of stores, but its way more fun to make your own and you can also choose what greenery you want to be in it and whether you want it to be living or artificial. Magic Mounts gives you a quick tutorial on making a cute burlap wreath. You’ll need: a roll of six inch wide burlap ribbon, scissors, a 12 inch wire wreath frame, six black pipe cleaners cut into six inch pieces, wired ribbon in a natural color, leaves and flowers (or more holiday appropriate selections) to add after the wreath is completed and a hot gun with glue sticks. To start, use one end of the burlap ribbon to make a knot around the wire wreath. Then, push the burlap into one of the sections of the form, making sure to twist it so that the loop is sideways. Next, continue making loops and making sure that the succeeding “bubble” in the wreath is next to the one previously created, as this helps hold the loops in place. Continue making loops until the wreath is full and then cut off any extra burlap. Make another knot to complete the wreath and secure the ribbon with the pipe cleaners. Lastly, decorate the wreath with flowers, greenery, holiday decorations- whatever you want! Once it’s done, make sure you hang it up with one of Magic Mounts’ wreath hangers.

Make Your Own Stockings

Wow your kids with these fun and easy DIY stockings. To make them, you’ll need: felt fabric, fabric glue, embellishments, hot glue gun and sticks, an extension cord, printer, paper or card stock, pins and a lint roller. Simply cut the fabric, pin the template and then cut it out, detach the cut-out and pull the fabric part, add glue and assemble the first half of the stocking, add glue to the second half of the stocking and then meld the two sides. Once your stocking is complete and to your liking, hang it up with one of Magic Mounts’ stocking hangers.

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