Have a Better Automobile Experience with Magic Mounts

Have a Better Automobile Experience with Magic Mounts

Cars have a tendency to be chaotic, disorganized places. Their lack of storage space makes it incredibly easy for messes to accumulate. With Magic Mounts, make automobile organization a breeze by using a few of our car accessories. We also recognize that organization is not the only obstacle drivers face. That’s why we perfected a line of car repair products, providing you with cheap and easy fixes for common car care problems. Read further for some helpful tips on making your automobile life easier and more manageable.


Organizational Accessories

Dash Buddy: The Dash Buddy is a self-sticking mat that holds cell phones, notes, glasses and other driving accessories. The Dash Buddy stays in place without slipping or sliding and magically clings to any dash contour. Temperature-resistant, washable, reusable and repositionable, the Dash Buddy is guaranteed not to damage the surface of your car’s dash. The Dash Buddy is perfect for keeping all of your important things in one place and for making sure that they don’t fall into the unreachable nooks and crannies that are remarkably plentiful in most cars. This accessory is sure to make driving easier- you can make sure your items are accounted for and focus on the road!

Hook N Loop Strips: Our Hook N Loop Strips are perfect for safely and easily mounting items to prevent them from sliding. Made with a strong bonding adhesive, the Hook N Loop Strips allow for easy peeling and sticking of objects. You also don’t need to worry about your car’s surfaces as the strips allow for easy removal of attached items. The strips are another great way to maintain organization in your car and to keep track of your most important items.

Magnetic Squares: Our magnetic squares are also incredibly helpful for car mounting and organization, as they hold firmly to most metal surfaces. Attached items remove easily and they may be cut with scissors. This product is perfect for objects you want to mount on metal surfaces and for organizational help in general.


Products for Car Care and Repair

Foam Weather Strip: Our Foam Weather Strip provides a universal seal for doors, trunks and much more. This seal works incredibly to keep out drafts and humidity and to stop leaks. The strip is extremely tough and durable and also serves to reduce noise and vibration. The strip comes in a variety of sizes, providing perfect positioning for a variety of places in your car. The Weather Strip helps to maintain a constant internal car temperature, helping you to not waste energy/gas nor experience discomfort.

Bulb Seal Clip: This variation on our typical weather strip features a quality hollow bulb seal design that effectively keeps out water, wind, noise and dust. It can be easily clipped on to a variety of surfaces (again, this product comes in a number of sizes to best fit your placement needs) and provides optimum service in a wide range of temperatures. This strip is perfect for those living in environments with extreme weather that desire a more consistent temperature (and a generally more enjoyable environment) in their car.

Repair Tape: Magic Mounts also offers a large selection of repair tape to help seal joints and seams and to protect against moisture and vapor. Our offerings include: Aluminum Repair Tape, Conspicuity Tape, Mounting Tape(s), Hose Repair Tape, Molding Tape(s), Reflective Tape(s), Seal Tape and a few others. Check out our smorgasbord of repair tapes here.

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