Create a Classroom That Will Make Students Excited to Learn

Create a Classroom That Will Make Students Excited to Learn

With the start of school just around the corner, teachers are frantically searching for ways to spice up their classroom decor. This can be hard to do on a budget, but look no further than the Magic Mounts website for products and ideas to decorate your classroom in a DIY, cost-effective way.


Add Pizzazz to Your File Cabinets with Wrapping Paper

Use Magic Mounts’ magnetic tape to help wrapping paper adhere to the front of your file cabinet. This is a great way to add a bit of color and fun to an otherwise lackluster, utilitarian object. Use mod podge to help secure the wrapping paper to the filing cabinet and to give it a shiny gloss. For extra panache, attach decorating tape to the edges of the cabinet. The most effective way to achieve this look is to purchase our classroom kit, which includes an assortment of tape, magnets and hook and loops. The classroom kit is teacher tested and approved, works on most surfaces and is acid free, to ensure safety for your students.


Mount Board Games on the Wall

This DIY project kills two birds with one stone. It helps organize and simplify your collection of board games by eliminating bulky boxes and also adds some color and excitement to your walls. Use any one of Magic Mounts’ mounts to hang the board game boards on your wall. The bulletin board set mounts are especially effective for this project, as they are intended for classrooms and can hold a surprising amount of weight.


Create Sit-Upons for a Reinvented Reading Time

These easy-to-make sit-upons are sure to grab your students’ attention. Made with vinyl tablecloths and ribbon scraps, these sweet seats are a great way to spice up your reading circle. To make them, just follow a few simple steps. First, cut out a 24-inch circle of cardboard. Then, cut out two circles with the same proportions from the vinyl tablecloth (which you can find at a variety of locations, including home goods stores). Next, cut out the same circle of quilt batting, to provide some comfort for the seat. Then, to bind the pieces together, use either the ribbon scraps to sew up the edges of the seat, or use Magic Mounts’ tacks to connect the pieces. Once everything is connected together, voila, you have a pretty, homemade sit-upon! These lightweight circles are perfect for reading time, Socratic seminars, or really any part of your lesson plan that you want to have more of a community feel. Plus, they roll up and can be stored easily.


Create a Classroom Theme

A theme is a great way to give your classroom a fun and personalized feel. Additionally, it will get your students really excited and ready to learn! There are a number of interesting themes to choose from, some of the most popular are: Hollywood, Sports and “Under the Sea.” If you think of a theme that is more apt to your classroom and students, go with that! Roll out a red carpet, use a megaphone and create a movie poster for each student to go with the Hollywood theme. For the Sports theme, put on your favorite baseball cap and announce each student as if announcing a baseball game. You can also leave “favors” at each desk, including a baseball cap and popcorn treat-box. For the “Under the Sea” theme, use porthole/marine stickers, hang fish netting and decorate with inflatable sea creatures. Whatever theme you choose, make sure you hang up the accompanying posters or decorations with Magic Mounts’ wall hooks.

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