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Reinvent Your Space With Hooks and Mounts

If you’ve lived in the same apartment or house for a while, you may feel that it needs some sprucing up. Even if you loved your home when you first moved in, styles change and you may find that your space needs a revamp. Luckily, Magic Mounts has a wide variety of products specifically designed to help with home improvement as well as beautification. However, while some might consider themselves home makeover maestros, others are just starting out. That’s why Magic Mounts has created a helpful guide full of home improvement ideas (and the hooks and mounts and adhesive products that will help get you there), catered to your ability level. Pick some ideas from the expert section, some from the intermediate, and maybe some from beginner’s- just make sure you pick Magic Mounts!


For Home Improvement Experts:

If you have had a home for a while and feel pretty well-versed in different ways to modify and improve it, this section’s for you. One idea for more experienced renovators is to use braided wire to hang little lights, flowers or other accessories. This will give whatever room a bohemian, laid-back, albeit magical vibe. You can find braided wire on Magic Mounts’ website- the sturdiness of our braided wire lets you really go wild in choosing what accessories to implement with it. Another suggestion for those who know their way around a Lowe’s is to create canvases or designs to hang in a group on your wall. Perhaps the group of canvases represents different colors- or they all contain different designs. Geometrical shapes and patterns are particularly in right now. To hang these larger items, you’re gonna need one heavy duty hook. Especially apt are Magic Mounts’ sawtooth hangers- the sawtooth design allows them to carry more weight, making them perfect for your canvases or other heavy pictures.

Check out Magic Mounts' newest blog post on how you can reinvent your home or apartment using our helpful hooks and mounts. For Intermediate Renovators:

Say you know some about home improvement (yes, watching HGTV counts as studying), but aren’t quite sure how to implement the trends you read and hear about. Well, this section is perfect for you! One idea for intermediate decorators is to buy some pre-made canvases or pieces of art. Often you can find these cheap at craft stores or an online wholesale. Once you have selected the canvas or artwork that you love, and you have decided where to put it, all you need are some of Magic Mounts’ picture hangers, craft mounts, or art stackers. Depending on the project, the craft mounts, art stackers or picture hangers offered at Magic Mounts can really be of great benefit to you and your home renovation dreams. Our picture hooks and craft mounts will perfectly mount your canvas or picture on the wall, leaving your guests totally impressed! Furthermore, the safety and durability of our art stackers, mounts and hangers will make sure your canvas stays put- exactly where you mounted it.

For Novices:

Perhaps this is your first home or apartment. Don’t despair! There are a lot of cool home improvement ideas that anyone can implement to make their house or apartment more beautiful and sleek. One idea is to use Magic Mounts’ Picture n Place Pads- these pads let you literally just stick your favorite pictures in and mount. You don’t have to even worry about hooks, hangers, or stick n loops! Simply place your desired pictures into the pad and place on the wall! Similarly helpful is Magic Mounts’ Picture Hanging Kit Assortment. This Picture Hanging Kit Assortment allows you to have all the materials you need to hang any picture or canvas. Conveniently, you won’t have to wade through all the options of mounts, hooks, and hangers- as you get a variety of helpful instruments in the Picture Hanging Kit Assortment.

Clearly, Magic Mounts has a lot to offer for a variety of DIYers and home renovators. Whether you are a novice or an expert, Magic Mounts has a hook, hanger, or adhesive option for you. Let Magic Mounts’ products totally revitalize your space this summer.

Design Image

Enhance Your Space With Tapestries and Pictures

It’s very easy to feel tired of your home. You are in it day in, day out, and it’s easy to want to start over. But you can’t always start over with a new house, can you? New homes are expensive, a hassle, might not be good for your entire family or those you live with. There are innumerable problems, or at least challenges that accompany moving into a new space. Plus, it’s good to learn how to spice up a space you are already working with, especially if you can figure out how to do so on a budget, which is how most people have to operate these days. You might watch shows on HGTV and other home networks and think to yourself- “I can’t afford all that. I can’t change my house. The people on TV are spending literally thousands of dollars.” But you are your own person! You don’t have to do what people on television are doing. There are plenty of ways to make your home seem brand new, even when you’re balling on a budget. There are plenty of tips and tricks that are fun, easy, and wallet-friendly to spice up your old, boring rooms- especially if you enlist the help of Magic Mounts. You thought Magic Mounts were just hangers and adhesives? Well, think again. We have expanded lines that can make you achieve any look you want in any room.


Truly, a lot of home renovation ideas that we are about to suggest (and pretty much home ideas you’d find anywhere) are only possible with the aid of Magic Mounts. Read this interesting blog post so you can find out ways to add excitement and aesthetics to any of the rooms in your house. Seriously, Magic Mounts has solutions for everywhere you can think of, including: the bathroom, exterior of the house, your car and more. Beyond the household, we have products for your classroom or anywhere you want to host an event. But for the sake of this blog, we’ll stick to ideas for the home. And in this day and age, there are two solutions that especially young people are employing to make their personal spaces feel more fun and individualized. Pictures and tapestries. No decor is more popular right now than trippy tapestries or pretty pictures of loved ones. We’ll show you a few examples of how you’re only one step away from implementing these two fun decor ideas in this post.


Above is an example of the trippy, interesting, beautiful types of tapestries people like to hang in their houses. Younger people, especially like to hang these in their bedrooms. No matter your age, make sure you utilize Magic Mounts products for all of your tapestries and wall hangings.






Here is an example of someone incorporating the tapestry concept in a milder way, as part of the aesthetic for a bedroom. If you want your tapestries to stay in place like the ones above, make sure you use Magic Mounts’ products.






This image shows a common manifestation of picture frame displays- an exhibition of personal memories. If you are opting to fill your house with pictures of your loved ones, or pictures in general, opt for picture hangers from Magic Mounts.






Or, you might be interested in framework that is a little more artsy or avant-garde. Put whatever you want in frames, just make sure they’re being held up by the best- hangers from Magic Mounts.

adhesive mounting products

Cool Home Ideas Possible With Magic Mounts

It’s natural for homeowners to feel that their current indoor aesthetic, especially if they have lived in the same spot for a long time. But there are certainly fun, relatively easy and cost-effective ways to spice up your tired old rooms. A lot of these innovations are only possible with the help of Magic Mounts and their renowned, high-quality adhesive mounting products. Read this informative blog post to see our interpretation of some of 2017’s best trends and also frugal, realistic, yet exciting ways that you can add brevity and style to your living room, dining room, entryway, bedroom and more! Keep in mind that Magic Mounts has solutions for all areas of the house, including bathroom, bedroom, exterior of the house and more. Additionally, Magic Mounts has products that transcend household needs, entering such settings as your car, your office, your schoolroom, your parties/weddings and more.

With that said, have you been living in your home for a number of years? Are you finding yourself bored or uninspired waking up in the same place every single day? Would you like to be your home a bit more beautiful? Well, look no further than Magic Mounts. Magic Mounts is the home beautification secret that you might not have expected, but that you need. You might wonder how mounting solutions, adhesives and bonding systems will contribute to the beauty of your home; but they really do open up a new world, complete with wall hangings, picture frames, beautiful murals and more. So without further ado, here are some ideas to liven up your home in 2018.



Welcome or Other Homey Sign:

Nothing makes someone feel more welcome, than well, a welcome sign. Maybe it sounds trite, but a welcome sign is just what your house needs to feel more cozy and welcoming.








Arrangement of Mirrors or Other Wall Hangings:

Arranging a bunch of mirrors or canvases is a fun and easy way to get some trendiness in your house. Just make sure you secure them with Magic Mounts’ products.





Focal Piece of Art:

If you are more into a simplistic, minimalist vibe, buying one focal piece of art to focus guests’ attention on is ideal.








Complementary Artwork:

If you are thinking about arranging more than one piece of artwork, you will want to make sure they complement one another. The matching color scheme will really set the mood.









Creative Clutter:

If you are not a minimalist, you may think about hanging a bunch of different pieces that only somewhat go together. This will lend an aesthetic of shabby chic perfect for a funky homeowner.






Avant-Garde, Statement Pieces

If you are into chic, more avant-garde home decor, you will want a statement piece in your favorite room. Make sure this important piece is secured with Magic Mounts’ products.





Warm Aesthetics

If you are into warmer, more inviting vibes, get a painting or other wall hanging that suggests that. This will turn your home into a cozy paradise!










Fancy Framework

If you have a bunch of important memories that you want to share, or if you’re just a fan of frames, we suggest creating an arrangement of fancy frames and fun pictures.







Black and White Theme:

Again, if you are more of a minimalist, and into modern pieces, we suggest employing a black and white theme complete with artsy photographs.







Lights, Camera, Action:

A fun idea for a cool aesthetic is to employ lighting that most effectively showcases your pictures and wall hangings that you are so proud of.

Spring Cleaning and Other New Year’s Resolutions

Spring Cleaning and Other New Year’s Resolutions

One of the most exciting parts of the New Year is that everyone gets the opportunity to feel like they are starting anew. The new year brings the promise of a fresh start, and with it, a renewed resolve to do the things we “should be doing.” inevitably, this includes cleaning. No one cleans as much as they should, at least the wide majority of people don’t. However, with the new year and the renaissance of the spring, comes the chance to try again.

One way to get yourself to clean is to get some fun organizational items that will inspire the spic and span in anyone. Magic Mounts has a lot of great products that will help you want to organize your home and be able to in an easier, cost-effective, expedited manner. We have clips, hooks and tape to hang baskets or signs that will make it easier for you to remember things and put things away in the future.

But products aren’t all you’re gonna need if you want to really stick to your guns with the whole cleaning thing. Here at Magic Mounts, we have some tips and tricks that will help you with spring cleaning. One good tip for cleaning the kitchen is to move clockwise while cleaning, ending with the oven, or wherever you think is the dirtiest. You want to end with the place in the kitchen with the most dirt, as starting with the dirtiest area will lead you to spread dirty everywhere in the kitchen, which is not what you want for the place you eat. Another amazing kitchen cleaning tip is to make sure you don’t miss out on cleaning the sink. Kitchen sinks have more bacteria, on average, than toilet seats. Use antibacterial or disinfectant soap to clean it and make sure that it doesn’t have any harmful bacteria left in it. Also, if you have a stainless steel sink, you will want to clean it with an oil or a specific stainless steel cleaner, to make sure the water droplets don’t accrue and lead to mold buildup. Cleaning with oil will deter the mold. Another good idea regarding kitchen cleaning, and really cleaning in general, is to swap your paper towels for cloth, especially cloth made of microfiber. This simplifies the cleaning process and also makes it greener. All you have to do is wet a microfiber cloth and it can clean a myriad of different surfaces.

Probably the most important cleaning tip is to clean as you go. This may sound like a cliche, and it is, but for a reason. Putting your laundry away prevents clothes from piling up in your bedroom. In the kitchen, putting dishes at least in the sink in soapy water is a start to doing dishes and will keep your kitchen from becoming a disaster zone. If you feel stressed about cleaning and are looking for organizational ideas, look no further than Magic Mounts for all the organizational information and products you need.

How Magic Mounts Can Help You Be The Best Gift-Giver

How Magic Mounts Can Help You Be The Best Gift-Giver

Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be really hard. You have little kids to buy toys for, women to buy clothing/beauty products for and men to buy who the heck knows what for. The gifts you should bring each loved one are almost as varied as the people themselves. This may get you a little bit stressed out, but don’t worry, it’s still early in the season and Magic Mounts can help you become the best gift giver ever. “How can we do that?,” you may ask. Well, a whole world of crafting opens up when you have Magic Mounts products on hand. A lot of people may have already realized this, but crafts truly are the best gift to give or receive. They show thoughtfulness- not only did you care enough about the person to get them something, but you cared enough to take time out of your own busy schedule to make something for the one you love. What communicates the holiday spirit better than that? In this blog post, we’ll discuss some craft ideas to get your creative juices flowing. However, you obviously have full creative reign in deciding what you want to make and it will clearly depend on who the gift is intended for. In order to meet your comprehensive gift-giving needs- we have thought up an idea for each person on your list: significant other, mom and dad. Read the tips below to make the aforementioned loved ones smile from ear to ear upon receiving your gift.


Significant Other Gift-Giving Ideas:

Whether your significant other is a man or a woman, you are sure to have accrued lots of money together. Therefore, a picture frame, fit with the cutest picture ever of you both, is the ideal, commemorative holiday present. Just make sure you include a Magic Mounts picture hanger with the frame.


Mom Gift Ideas:

Mom will probably just be happy to have you home, but she did give birth to you, so you wanna make sure you get her something special! She’ll also appreciate something thoughtful- subsequently, a beautiful canvas with her favorite artwork or quote is the perfect present. Just make sure she hangs it up with Magic Mounts poster mounts.


Dad Gift Ideas:

Dads are some of the trickiest people to get presents for, as a lot of them lament that they already have everything. They aren’t quite as easy as the mother, who will be happy with anything fun and girlie. Dads certainly vary from family to family, but one thing most dads are obsessed with is cars. For this gift-giving idea, you don’t have to get quite as crafty. Magic Mounts has you covered with their extensive product line for automobile needs. The products range from reflective tape, weather strips, hook n loop rolls and mounting tapes. These things might not seem fun to you, but trust me, they will delight a dad. Simply compile a few product you know your dad will love and put them in a fun, decorative basket.

Decorating Tips For This Holiday Season

Decorating Tips For This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year. This thursday is one of America’s’ favorite holidays: thanksgiving. Are you ready for the turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and the rest of the fixings? How about pumpkin pie? Here at Magic Mounts we love thanksgiving and the whole holiday season in general. Whatever holiday you celebrate, whether it be Hanukkah, christmas, kwanzaa or something else, you surely want to make sure your house is in full festivity. That brings us to probably our favorite part of the holiday season here at Magic Mounts- decorating. We love both indoor and outdoor decorations. Whether you are hanging lights up on your house to show all the neighbors you are in the holiday spirit, adorning your tree, hanging up all the holiday cards you got from your many friends, family and neighbors, or simply putting up some garland to create a winter wonderland vibe, Magic Mounts can help you with all of those needs.


Light It Up

People love to broadcast their festive mood during the holiday season. One of the best ways to do that is by stringing lights on the outside of your house (you can absolutely do this inside, as well). Stringing lights on your house is the equivalent of spreading cheer by singing loud for all to hear! But sometimes, stringing lights with a staple gun or another more permanent method can damage the integrity of your house. However, with Magic Mounts’ removable mini light clips, that worry will be a thing of the past. The clips are perfect for hanging lights or other holiday decorations. Best of all, they won’t slip or damage the surface they are on- they can be removed cleanly and swiftly.


Showcase Your Holiday Popularity

What’s the fun of getting christmas/holiday cards if you can’t feature them? Throwing them away is so obviously not an option, but you also don’t want them to just sit in a drawer away from view. A great remedy to this problem is hanging them up somewhere visible, such as your mantel. But again comes the problem of surface damage. Come January, you want those suckers gone. Well it just so happens that Magic Mounts has the perfect solution. Our removable christmas/holiday card mounts are perfect for hanging cards or other holiday-related items. Just like with the light clips, they work well when you want them to, but when you’re ready to take down the cards, they come off without leaving a trace!


Go Green

Another great idea for holiday decorating is to add a little greenery. This typically comes in the form of wreaths or garlands, or both! Greenery will transform your home into a winter wonderland, inviting to all. When you are hanging your greenery, make sure to use our wreath hooks or garland hooks. You can enjoy your greenery the whole holiday season and come the new year, simply slide it right off!

Create Unforgettable Gifts with Magic Mounts

Create Unforgettable Gifts with Magic Mounts

With the holidays coming around, people everywhere are scrambling for new and exciting gift ideas. The scramble is especially frantic if you are trying to execute gift-giving on a budget, as most of us are. That’s where DIY crafts come in- you can create gifts for a fraction of the price that you would spend on gifts at the store. You’ll only need a few craft supplies to accomplish these awesome craft projects, most notably, you will need tape. And if there’s anything Magic Mounts knows about, its tape. Check out Magic Mounts’ list of the coolest DIY gifts you can make with tape and some ambition. These gifts are great for family members, friends, co-workers. They say you really care and are so much more meaningful than store bought presents because you made them yourself and put your devotion and thought into them. Anyways, check out some awesome options and get your creative juices flowing this holiday season.


Picture Frames Made with Tape

Picture frames are a great present because they work for almost anyone. Now, you can make them easier than ever with just a little tape and there’s no reason to buy an expensive frame at the store. If you layer colored tape on top more tape, you will good a wood paneling effect. A good rule of thumb is to stick to black tape and black and white photos for a chic aesthetic. You can either use a bunch of duct tape or put tape on a wood board (or board made of other material). You can also get picture frame cutouts to decorate with tape.

Duct Tape Purse

A duct tape purse is the ultimate tape-themed present for the women in your life. To do this, you will simply need to cover a rectangle of fabric with overlapping strips of duct tape. You will then need to trim the excess tape off the edges of the sheet. Next, fold the rectangle in half and use tape to adhere the sides to one another. You can then use some rope for the handle, but to cover the ugliness of the rope, you might want to use some more tape. Voila, you have an aesthetically pleasing, inexpensive tape bag to give to the women in your life you love the most!

Colorful Mason Jars

This is a great present for almost anyone on your list. DIY Santas will only need mason jars and colorful tape to create this craft and fun Christmas present (or a present for any other occasion). Simply attach colored or patterned tape to a mason jar. This can then serve as a cup or if you wanna get a little more craft with it, you can make a mason jar bank. Simply cut a slit into the lid of the jar to achieve this. Voila, you have a safe and awesome place to store your extra coins!

Magic Mounts Explores Different Types Of Tape

Magic Mounts Explores Different Types Of Tape

Adhesive tape is something that is extremely useful all the time, yet simple and affordable. You probably believe that all tapes are the same, made for the same purpose and that there are no other differences. However, due to the usability of tape in modern industry nowadays, we have plenty of different tapes which come suitable for several purposes. Here we will explain all about the tapes you may need at some point.


Cellotape is the most common type of tape and has a lot of helpful uses. In general, it is a yellow or transparent tape which is commonly used to pack presents and packages. It is also one of the types of tape that is the best-known and at the same time is the oldest of them all. These tape rolls can be found in almost every single home today.

Masking or removable tape

This type of tape is used to conceal some area, usually while the rest of an object or area is painted. It is called removable simply because it can be completely removed without any adhesive traces on the surface. This is the most complicated tape to produce actually. The adhesive mixture must be carefully taken into account in order to be easily removed but stay in place as long as needed. There are different sizes and widths of the tape in question, which allows you to mask the entire surface as easily as possible.

Duct tape

This is the strongest type of tape. It is used in all kinds of industries and its main functions include strength, plastic foil and strong adhesive. Furthermore, this type of tape is capable of sticking to any surface you have in mind. So, it is strong, durable and the adhesive will stay in place regardless of what you do. It can be used for hanging, fixing and more.

Electrical tape

This type of tape is capable of insulating electrical wires. It doesn’t conduct electricity and it usually has extremely strong adhesive.

2 sided tape

As the name suggests, this type of tape has adhesive applied on both sides. It is used to hold two objects in place as long as needed. In addition, the tape is also made to stay hidden from view, so it is slim and thin. This type may also be known as permanent tape and it has been used by homeowners for multiple purposes. It is one of the most useful types of tape.


As you can see, tape comes in different types, each one being used for different purposes. Overall, they allow you to fix something as soon as possible, without having to invest money into a new item or to enlist a professional. Tape is truly an essential addition to every home, so explore the Magic Mounts website today, for all your tape needs!

How to Make Your Tape Stick Better

How to Make Your Tape Stick Better

Removable tape nowadays has a huge role in modern society. It is so essential that almost each person on the planet uses it or knows about it. But, before anything else, we must reveal that these tapes do need some preparation, especially if you want the best and the longest sticking time. Usually, these issues are made by beginners, so if you are a novice you will definitely need to know more about how to get the most out of your tape.  

Store your tape properly

Tape is sensitive and 2 sided tape is two times more delicate than conventional tape. The best thing to do is to store them properly. This includes an environment at room temperature and areas away from moisture, water and more.

Surface must be clean

The first and most common issue here isn’t related to tape, it depends on the surface the tape is being stored on or used upon. Permanent tape is especially affected by this matter, so if you use it, make sure you clean the surface thoroughly! To make sure it is clean, always rub it with alcohol. You can get alcohol needed for this application in any hardware store or even a pharmacy (alcohol used for treating wounds). After you have cleaned the surface, the tape will be able to stick for a longer period of time and to stick properly.

It is a wise decision to take some time until alcohol vaporizes. Then, the surface will be perfect for tape. There is no need in telling you that all other debris, dust, oil or anything else should be removed.

Higher or lower temperature

A surface at 18 degrees celsius is considered optimal for adhesion. Using this, you will get the perfect relation between tape and surface. Basically, tape or other forms of adhesion, will stick much, much better.

Higher temperatures will make adhesive too soft and almost useless. On the other hand, lower temperatures will maintain the adhesive too hard to connect to another surface, so tape won’t stick! But, what to do is the surface is cold? Simply warm up the tape and use it then. The result is always impressive.

UV exposure should be reduced as much as possible

In order to make tape stick as long as possible, it must be kept away from UV rays, or really, the sun as a whole. UV rays will simply heat up the tape and cause one of the issues we have mentioned. Then, they will start chemical processes inside adhesive, which will have a catastrophic effect.

Short exposures are not a big deal and there won’t be any issues. But always try to prevent longer exposures that can often lead to negative effects.


All types of tape rolls are affected by the aforementioned matters. We included the solutions for each one, so it is up to you to make sure the tape stick as long as possible. And if you really want tape that sticks better and longer, look no further than Magic Mounts.

Let Magic Mounts Products Improve Your Bathroom

Let Magic Mounts Products Improve Your Bathroom

Lights, Camera, Action!

New lighting can give an old room a fresh look. Install new LED strips as back lighting around a mirror or inside glass cabinet doors. New pendants in front of the mirror will reflect light around the room and make the space brighter. A hanging fixture or chandelier above the tub or in the center of the room can add a spark of personality. For the LED strips especially, use some of our mounting and permanent tape to make sure they adhere properly to the surface of your choosing.


Tile Turnaround

Re-tiling a shower doesn’t have to cost a lot if you mix and match materials. You can pair more expensive smaller mosaics with less expensive 12″ x 12″ tile and the results will be stunning. If you mix tile, you only need a small amount of each, so you may be able find some bargains at closeouts, Craigslist or salvage yards. But re-tiling is not the only way to improve the tile situation in your bathroom, it’s also important to keep it clean. A big mistake homeowners often make is not sealing the grout lines after doing a tile job, or not requesting the grout be sealed after having the job done for them. It won’t take long to regret this decision when irregular color patterns start showing up in the grout. But all isn’t lost. Manufacturers have vastly improved grout cleaning products that will get the job done. However, these products are pretty noxious and you’ll need to take a lot of precautions. An alternative is a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, and there is always the option of using a steam spot cleaner. No matter what you use, you’ll need some elbow grease and heavy-duty brushes. Once you’ve cleaned the grout and allowed adequate drying time, seal the grout. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendation on any additional steps to take before applying the sealer.


Towel Off in Style

Towels can also really add some color and brevity to a bathroom, for an extremely low cost. Peruse discount sections at department stores, or better yet, thrift stores, for fun and funky towel designs. Once you’ve selected the towels of your dreams- whether they be classic or bohemian- grand or minimalist- chic or relatable- make sure you use Magic Mounts’ towel hangers. We offer towel bars, which include both mounting tape and screws and offer easy mount installation and a towel ring, which is easy to mount, includes both mounting tape and screws and comes in white and almond.


Bathroom Art

The restroom in your house may seem like an unlikely place for artwork, but hey, why not? There’s no reason not to extend the aesthetic you like so much into an area that we all spend a lot of time in. once you’ve selected the canvases or other pieces you want, make sure you hang them up with our specialized bathroom hangers, which you can buy here.

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